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BAS Healthcare Is Making the Connection
BAS HealthCare has created long-standing connections between physicians and health systems across the country since it was founded in 1996. Our goal is to bridge the gap between physician and health system and create an outlet for providers to discuss their specific career goals. We then connect them with the health system that cannot only fulfill those goals but also needs their expertise. Our specialized consultants take the time to discuss all of a physician’s expectations, questions, and concerns to best address their search. They also consult with the health system to learn in-depth information about their needs to effectively market the opportunities and source providers who can fill those vacancies. It is our commitment to you that the professional relationship created between the physician and the health system will be genuine and benefit both parties. We provide an honest, worthwhile, and streamlined service that alleviates concern and stress for both physicians and health systems alike.

We unite job seekers and potential employers…now, lets get you connected
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